Current ProjectsDABSTOR by Somerdata logo

DABSTOR by Somerdata
New and enhanced versions of previous DABSTOR products for Digital Radio (DAB/DAB+)

Logger (ETI, EDI, RF)DABSTOR Logger logo
DABSTOR Logger continuously records up to 4 input streams to capture a rolling history of multiplexer outputs to transmission networks or inputs at transmitter sites.

DABSTOR Player logoPlayer (ETI, EDI)
DABSTOR Player replays of one or more ETI files, individually or in a sequence, enabling the use of ‘live’ recordings.

DABSTOR ETI Splitter logoETI Splitters
DABSTOR Splitters create identical copies of ETI signal streams.


DABSTOR ETI File Converter logoETI File Converter
DABSTOR ETI File Converter is a stand-alone tool that accepts most Digital Audio Broadcast (DAB) Ensemble Transport Interface (ETI) file types for conversion.


Monitor/Analyser by Duncan Mackay
A new version of previous Monitor/Analyser software for Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB/DAB+)

Under development


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