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DABSTOR Player replays of one or more ETI files, individually or in a sequence, enabling the use of ‘live’ recordings.


Typical applications include development, testing, trials, demonstrations and troubleshooting of DAB/DAB+ receivers, transmitters, monitors, analysers, encoders and multiplexers.

Output options include ETI, EDI and ETI Data Pipe.


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  • Replay ETI files individually or in a sequence
  • ETI file extraction from a remote DABSTOR Logger ETI file library
  • Replay one or more previously recorded ETI files
  • Development, testing, trials, demonstrations and troubleshooting
  • Supports ETI (NA, G.704), ETI (NI, G.703) and unframed ETI files
  • Individual-file or sequential-file replay
  • Single-pass or loop replay
  • Replay a full ETI file or a selected fragment
  • Dub (copy) complete ETI file or a selected fragment
  • Create a new ETI file as a fragment from one or more ETI files in a remote DABSTOR Logger library
  • File statistics display includes original source and stream properties from DABSTOR ETI file header metadata


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