DABSTOR ETI File Converter

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DABSTOR ETI File Converter is a stand-alone tool that accepts most Digital Audio Broadcast (DAB) Ensemble Transport Interface (ETI) file types for conversion.

DABSTOR ETI File Converter

Typical file conversion applications include sharing files with DAB receiver manufacturers, developers, other equipment manufacturers, some ETI analysers and the WorldDAB ETI file library.


  • Converts ETI(NA) files to ETI(NI) format
  • Frame-aligns ETI(NA) and ETI(NI) files to start and stop on frame boundaries
  • Converts ETI(LI) files to ETI(NI)
  • Converts ETI files to ETI(NI) format (without Somerdata DABSTOR ETI file header) for compatibility with some ETI Analysers, for the WorldDAB ETI File Library and for sharing with receiver manufacturers


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