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DABSTOR Logger continuously records up to 4 input streams to capture a rolling history of multiplexer outputs to transmission networks or inputs at transmitter sites.


Endless-loop recording of ETI files can provide government regulators and multiplex operators access to synchronised evidence of previously broadcast DAB/DAB+ audio and data content.  Other applications include the use of ETI files from a specific date and time to support development, testing and troubleshooting of DAB/DAB+ receivers, transmitters, monitors, analysers, encoders and multiplexers.

Input options include ETI, EDI and RF.

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  • Sequential-file endless-loop or single-pass recording of up to four input streams to a managed ETI file library on disk
  • Recording of ensemble transport streams on a continuous or long-term basis
  • Recording each of four input bitstreams as a sequence of 60-minute or 30-minute ETI files to disk for off-line replay or analysis
  • Each instance of the Logger application uses a separate data partition for each input stream’s file library
  • Selectable loop time for each of four Logger instances, up to the available disk capacity in the selected data partition
  • Supports ETI (NA, G.704), ETI (NI, G.703) and unframed ETI recording
  • Allows remote access to library files without interrupting recording using the DABSTOR Player File Extractor option
  • DABSTOR ETI file header includes input source properties for subsequent ETI file traceability
  • Input signal monitoring


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